Studio, remote or live
We do demos, full albums and singles. Full location recording and live recording. Our focus is high fidelity and dynamics that make you sound polished and clear. We use Studio One Professional along with hardware and control platforms to get to your best sound..

Mixing/Stem Mixing

Many formats
One of our specialties! Mixing is great fun as the place to be creative. Can do track by track or stems. Editing, clarity, character,blend and vibe.


Icing on the cake
Stereo, stems, old or new tracks. We have experience in providing a finished product that is thick, spacious and just plain ear candy! 99% of this can be done online. If you are considering an automatic "mastering" service, please reconsider and talk to us first . Spacing, smooth, sheen, width, uniformity or musicality and depth. By a human


Music Creation

Commercial and Film
For video, Solo artists, Commercial Use. A unique custom library. Themes and cinema. Adding musical parts .